It was my sister that taught me about medical cannabis

I look back at my past self and cringe a bit.

I wasn’t exactly the best person, and while I knew what I was saying was hurtful, I didn’t really care, nor did I realize the impact I was actually having.

It wasn’t until I was in the very same position myself, that I began to understand. My sister has been suffering from headaches and migraines since she was young. I remember her having them while we were growing up. She used to take medication for the migraines, but they had some weird effects on her, and she would become spaced out and stare off into oblivion for hours. It was strange, I didn’t mind her taking the medication though, it was when I found out that she was taking medical marijuana that I was appalled and offended by. Didn’t she realize that marijuana was only for low class people? It got to the point where we started fighting, and then stopped talking. Years passed and then I started getting migraines myself. I tried all of the same medications that my sister tried, and had the same effect, they made me feel horrible! My migraines began to get to the point of where I would lay in my room and cry. I turned to medical cannabis as a last resort. Even as I was visiting the medical marijuana store I looked down on all of the people there, and knew there was no way that medical cannabis would help me. I was wrong, very wrong at that. I used cbd products, and they reduce my migraines significantly. Now I visit a cbd store quite frequently for my medical uses for cbd. I had a lot of apologizing to my sister to do, but we did make up.