Indica and Sativa are totally different.

When I lived on the east coast, I bought all of my marijuana supplies from a street dealer.

They hadn’t yet legalized medical or recreational marijuana, and I used it for my anxieties.

I couldn’t believe we had states on every side that had legalized medical marijuana, but ours. I couldn’t even go out of state and purchase something, then bring it home. The only choice I had was to purchase from a street dealer. The biggest problem I was having with this, was that I never really knew what I was buying. Although the dealer would tell me I was getting a Sativa blend, I didn’t know for sure until I tried it. Sativa is a daytime marijuana. It helps to calm you down, but allows for focus and creativity. If I fell asleep, I knew I had received the wrong product again. The other side of the coin came from when I wanted a good Indica. Indica was perfect for when I was having a tough time and I needed to get some sleep. I would smoke some Indica and be guaranteed a peaceful evening and get some sleep. Too many times I had gotten one brand for the other. It wasn’t until it was too late that I realized I had received the wrong item. I couldn’t blame the street dealer, he would just refuse to sell to me again. I couldn’t even demand my money back. I was thrilled to finally have moved to a state where medical and recreational marijuana is legal. I can walk into the marijuana dispensary and be sure that I am getting the sativa or indica, depending on which I needed at the time.



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