I wish marijuana was covered by insurance.

I have only one complaint about recreational marijuana.

Marijuana dispensaries are not able to take my insurance for payment.

It seems really odd that they can prescribe medical and recreational marijuana to you for a multitude of ailments, but your insurance won’t cover it. It makes me wonder if the health insurance companies aren’t afraid they will lose money if they begin to cover medical and recreational marijuana. I’m sure they get a lot of kickbacks from the big drug companies. If no one is using chemicals to heal their bodies, and going all natural through the use of medical and recreational marijuana bought in a marijuana dispensary, there are no kickbacks. I’m not saying that CBD products, recreational marijuana and other natural products are going to heal everything for everyone. There are some things that could be aided with western medicine. However, there are also some very real ailments that can be controlled through the use of medical and recreational marijuana. As long as you go to a marijuana dispensary to purchase these products, I think we should be able to use our medical insurance. Isn’t the marijuana dispensary giving us products that are helping our health issues? Then again, they don’t consider CBD products, medical, or recreational marijuana as medicine. One of these days, people are going to wake up and realize they are paying for health insurance that is only making other people rich and the owner of the insurance policy, poor. I would rather get poor by buying recreational marijuana and feeling better, than giving my money to the big bucks industries that are just forcing us to use more medicines, and poisoning our bodies.


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