I never win anything.

My local cannabis shop is always having some kind of raffle for its regular customers.

  • It doesn’t matter how many tickets I have in the pool, I have never won.

I don’t think I have ever won anything from anywhere. Last week, I was in the cannabis shop where they were having another raffle. They were raffling off a basket worth over $250. I normally have all my marijuana products delivered, but I wanted to see if they had anything different in the store. They told me they were having a raffle and for every $50 I spent, I got one ticket. She told me there were edible cannabis treats, cannabis concentrate, and dried cannabis flower. There were also a few mystery cannabis items in the basket. I knew I wasn’t going to win the raffle, so I bought my items and headed home. I was shocked when I got the phone call at the end of the week telling me that I had won the basket and I could pick it up at any time. I called my best friend and told her to get her butt to my house because I had won the raffle at the cannabis dispensary. I couldn’t believe there were cookies, cannabis flower, and several bags of gummies. There were two t-shirts, some stickers and a bunch of little advertising goodies. There was also an enailer which we knew cost over $100. There was almost $400 worth of goodies in that basket. My friend and I were both excited to see all the cannabis items in that basket. We were excited for the weekend so we could try the edibles.


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