I knew the smell was going to get me busted

My best friend came over on a Friday night and he had recreational Cannabis that he snagged from his brother.

His brother is 23 years old and a college student.

Sometimes he gives my best friend a nugget of marijuana. Jack brought the marijuana over to my house so we could smoke it together. I told Jack that we absolutely couldn’t smoke marijuana in my room, because my parents would be able to smell the horrible stench. Marijuana has an absolutely putrid smell, but wow does it get you high. I went to the bathroom and when I came back out I planned to grab Jack so we could walk to the park for a while. When I came out of the bathroom, Jack was smoking the marijuana out of a glass bowl. The entire room was filled with smoke and the horrible odor was all over everything. I grabbed the bowl and covered it with water from the bathroom sink. My friend looked horrified, but I was worried that we were going to get busted. About 3 or 4 minutes after I put out the bowl, my mom came up the stairs worried about the strange smell. Thank goodness my mom has never used marijuana and doesn’t know what it smells like. Since there was no product anywhere to be found, she just assumed it was the strange smell of an awful dog fart. I wanted to kill Jack after we nearly got caught. We never smoked in the house ever again. I knew we got away with the marijuana smell once, but I didn’t want to test my luck.

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