I had to stop smoking and use edible THC treats

Quitting smoking was one of the hardest things that I ever had to do in my life.

I tried to quit smoking 3 different times before I was ultimately successful.

I still struggle at times, especially when I am hanging out with my friends at a bar having drinks. I always think about having a cigarette during times like that. When I finally stopped smoking, I knew that meant I could no longer enjoy a marijuana joint. After all, that is smoking till and I really didn’t want to end up relapsing because of pot. When I stopped smoking, I started using edible THC treats. I can’t get high from any regular edible THC treat. In fact, my threshold is pretty high. It takes about 50 or 60 mg of THC before I will feel the effects. I have to spend a lot of money on edibles in order to stay medicated properly. I try to purchase the Cannabis Edibles when they are on sale. Once each week the cannabis dispensary in town has a sale on all of the Edibles. I always go to the shop on those days to purchase supplies, so I can save the additional 20%. I regularly look for other sales at dispensaries in the area. A few weeks ago, the cannabis dispensary started selling a brand new type of edible and right now they are on sale. They are trying to get everyone to try the edible cannabis product, so they are offering the items at buy one and get one absolutely free. I’m pretty stocked on the edibles, especially after I found out that you can stack the discounts with the 20% savings.


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