I had planned a party with my friends.

Mom and dad had planned a weekend camping trip for the family, on the same weekend as I was going to have a party with my friends. Charlie’s brother was over twenty-one and able to purchase marijuana pre-rolled cigarettes, and he said he would get some for us. It seemed like perfect timing that mom and dad were going to take the girls and go away for the same weekend. I thought it would be perfect to have the guys come to our house. When mom was packing, she asked why I wasn’t packing. I told her I was going to stay home since I was pretty tired from working all week. She checked my forehead and asked if I was getting sick. She swore I was a bit warm. I told her I was just tired and not to worry. I was almost eighteen and there was no reason why I couldn’t stay home alone. She finally agreed to leave me home alone. The guys showed up about an hour after mom and dad were in the house. They had several pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes, and a few different gummies. I ordered a pizza and we were ready to have some fun. I really thought we were going to have a great time, until I heard the front door rattling. Mom came in and looked a bit surprised that my friends were there. She said she felt guilty leaving me home alone when I didn’t feel well. Dad tugged her arm, and led her out to the car. I knew he and I would have a talk when they got home, but I was still going to have my marijuana party.


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