I graduated with the delivery driver.

After we graduated from college, my girlfriend and I decided to go on a trip.

We wanted to visit a state where recreational marijuana was legal. We checked into our hotel and found they had a menu for the local marijuana dispensary, in their hotel booklet. Ordering marijuana seemed like the right thing to do when you were in a hotel with several cannabis shops in walking distance. Not knowing the area, we didn’t like the idea of going out and walking around once it got dark. We picked out several marijuana products and gave them the room number in our hotel. When our marijuana items were delivered, we got a phone call from the front desk asking for permission to send the man to the room. I was surprised to see that the local delivery driver was someone I had graduated high school with. He came into the room and we chatted while my girlfriend got the money for him. It was a shock to see him there, since we were about 300 miles from home. We chatted for several minutes afterward, but then it got weird. He said he had several other deliveries to make and he hoped to see me around sometime. We didn’t order anymore marijuana products while there, but I called him before leaving. I told him to look us up if he was ever back in the area. It was a definite affirmation of how small the world really is. I’m glad we bought the marijuana products, or I probably would not have ever seen him again.



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