I didn’t think I would ever find what I wanted.

The distillate is removed either through extreme heat, or a cold press

My best friend recently moved to a state that offered recreational marijuana. My partner and I made the decision to go visit her and check out the recreational marijuana dispensary. We walked into the dispensary and bought a product called RSO. I had been complaining about back and neck pain from sitting in the car for so long. The budtender told us about the RSO or Rick Simpson Oil. She told us it was the perfect marijuana product for stiffness and pain. RSO is a highly concentrated form of cannabis that is used only for pain relief. She said RSO was not available everywhere and it could be tricky to locate. Many cannabis shops sell edible RSO products, but if you are looking for RSO for dabbing or vaping, it can be much more difficult to find. It was like finding a needle in a haystack, if you want RSO in any form other than an edible. Since using the RSO, we have been in many different cannabis shops, and we’ve not yet found it. We did find one nice vapable distillate, that was almost as nice as RSO, but it still wasn’t RSO. I liked the idea of a distillate because it is from the marijuana plant. The distillate is removed either through extreme heat, or a cold press. I’m still going to continue looking for RSO whenever we are someplace where recreational marijuana is legal. I’m not sure we are going to find what we are looking for, but that doesn’t stop me from looking.


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