Helping my depression with CBD edibles

They say anxiety and depression typically go hand in hand.

  • It isn’t that usual to change from having anxiety issues to getting into a depressive funk.

I much prefer anxiety, not going to lie. With my attacks I have a plan of action. I simply lay down on my rug and deep breathe. I put on a meditation video and calm myself down. I always can feel an attack coming on and typically can stop it. Depression is so much scarier. I get really down, lethargic and my thoughts sometimes scare me. I looked into medication but the side effects were just awful. Taking a pill doesn’t seem all that healthy. When a friend of mine recommended marijuana, I was relieved. It seems much better to smoke a plant rather than pop a pill. It feels more natural. When I started researching medical marijuana and depression, I realized that I didn’t even need to smoke the product or get high. CBD can really do the trick. I can take an edible to get the oil in my body too. There are CBD edibles like gummies, candies and cookies. There are even CBD cooking oils and butter that can make your dinner at night extra special. I have basically invested in every edible CBD product known to man. I am hoping that this helps my dresspoin. I am even willing to introduce a bit of THC into my system before I go to the doctor and get a pill prescription. I want to be healthy and cannabis does seem healthier.

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