CBD mouth spray for cancer treatment

When I was diagnosed with cancer I was afraid but determined to conquer it.

My biggest fear was going through chemotherapy.

Anything you read or see makes chemotherapy look horrible. I didn’t mind losing my hair but I didn’t want to deal with the pain and nausea with it. My doctor highly recommended that I try going the cannabis route. Apparently pain pills don’t do it for everyone and it does nothing for the nausea, which is one of the worst parts of treatment. Apparently THC is really good for the pain and CBD products can help with the sickness afterwards. I didn’t really want to roll a joint or smoke a bong with cannabis in it. I kind of knew that after being sick I wouldn’t want to inhale anything. I went to the cannabis dispensary near me with my medical mairjuana prescription and not a lot of hope. The budtender told me that it would be easy to get THC and CBD in a mouth spray. He said that I simply spray a few times a day and the cannabis product gets into my system. I had never heard of a CBD mouth spray until I had cancer. Now I love it. It is so easy taking a spritz anytime I need it. A lot of people think I just have a fancy breath spray too. I can keep it in my purse and take it out when needed. Any other CBD product I would feel weird about taking in a restaurant, house or on a walk.

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