CBD can reduce the amount of seizures

My sister is epileptic.

The seizures are horrible to watch and for her to experience.

My family has tried everything to reduce the amount of seizures that she has each year. I am always researching new tests being conducted about epilepsy. I found online that CBD products and epilepsy are being linked. One study showed that patients who took CBD oil everyday reduced their amount of seizures by 36%. That is significant! I immediately got my family on the CBD train. My sister talked to her doctor and he agreed to let her try. The CBD dispensary near me had every type of product known to man. There were oils, flower, edibles and all kinds of local CBD products. There were things called CBD tinctures and full spectrum CBD blends. I don’t know what my sister’s fancy CBD oil’s name was, but the budtender helped us out. My sister now puts a few drops of the local CBD product in her tea in the morning and some at night. I have noticed a significant change in her seizures. She doesn’t have them as often, long or severe. My sister also seems to be way more relaxed and at peace. She wants to try introducing a little THC in her system. For right now we are taking it slow though. The CBD is working and that is just wonderful. Eventually my sister will go back to the CBD store near me and have the budtender recommend something a little more powerful. It would be great to get that percentage to 50%.


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