The parking lot was filled because of the 30% off sale

Every time I come to work, I have to worry about finding a parking spot.

The downtown dispensary is in the middle of the strip mall, as well as there are multiple other busy shops in the same area… On Sundays, Thursday’s, as well as Sundays, it can be a eveningmare to find a parking spot.

I am not allowed to park in front of the cannabis dispensary as well as I am not allowed to park in any of the handicap spaces, but I have a handicap sticker on my car! Since I work for the dispensary, I have to park at the far end of the lot! When I came to work this morning, it was impossible to find a space. The parking lot was filled, because of the 30% off sale. The cannabis dispensary has been advertising the 30% off sale for multiple weeks. They sent emails as well as email message reminders to pretty much everyone that is signed up to receive messages from our supplier. I drove around the parking lot multiple times as well as the only available spot was on the other side of the parking lot. I wasn’t going to walk that far in the morning, especially since my knee was already starting to ache. I decided to park in the handicap spot. I walked into the office as well as I clocked into work. I was with a client when my boss came to tell myself and others to transfer my car. Now I am truly aggravated that I have to transfer the motorcar as well as I am starting to wonder if she can legally make myself and others transfer the car. I might be covered under the federal ADA.

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