That sativa put me right to sleep

I started smoking pot when I was in private school.

  • My friends plus I used to get our weed from an older child that graduated a few years ahead of us in private school.

Back then, weed was weed plus both of us did not think the difference between indica plus sativa; All of us got whatever the guy had at the time plus both of us did not ask a lot of questions. All of us got a substantial tote of marijuana for $25. These days, the cost of the same amount of marijuana is about $100. One time our friends plus I got a substantial tote of smelly weed from the guy plus both of us made the decision to go back to our locale to smoke a joint before a concert. The weed smelled entirely nice plus the buds were a deep green color. My friends plus I smoked 1 joint plus I fell asleep on the couch. The guy said they tried to wake me up, however I was in a deep sleep. They brought me back a t-shirt plus I was totally bummed out that I missed our number one rock band. I was mad at the men for a long time plus it was the last time I smoked marijuana for numerous long years. After it was legalized for recreational plus medical use, I started going to a dispensary to purchase marijuana from a locale that genuinely knows what kind of strains they are selling. I thought I was getting a sativa strain that evening of the concert plus I’m sure I ended up with an Indica that put me right to sleep.


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