I was taking numerous different medicines for my depression.

I was already taking numerous different medicines for my depression plus the nurse wanted to add another a single.

I shook my head plus told him no. I wasn’t about to add more when those I was already using weren’t working. I wanted to try to marijuana which I had been reading about in different medical articles. He told me he wasn’t qualified to prescribe marijuana as a therapy for depression. Since marijuana was now legalized, I was going to try it for myself. I had heard about a nurse in our town who was an expert in medical plus recreational marijuana therapy. I made an appointment, paid his astronomical fee, plus talked to him. He told me all about marijuana plus how it could help with depression. We talked for almost an minute before he told me he was fairly certain that recreational marijuana could be a viable option for treating my depression. He didn’t want to take me off my drugs, although he wanted to add recreational marijuana into the mix. He told me to try a marijuana vape pen. I went to the marijuana dispensary near where I lived, plus I told them what I wanted. I was given a marijuana vape pen plus told to take a puff or two when I felt my depression rearing up. Recreational marijuana was now legalized so I didn’t need to go through a process of getting a card so I could purchase. All I had to do was show that I was over twenty-one. Within 3 weeks, I was noticing a sizable difference in how well my depression was controlled. Slowly, I began weaning myself off some of my anti-depression meds.



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