I didn’t want anyone to assume I was vaping

I grew up in a family that looked down upon smoking, but i can understand why, since I have had family members that used to smoke as well as have terrible health effects because of it… So when I started vaping with our friends, I knew I couldn’t let them know, however the thing is, I wasn’t smoking with tobacco products, I was entirely using vape products for marijuana, my parents are completely as well as utterly against anything having to do with cannabis.

It doesn’t matter if it is medical marijuana or not, they were completely against it.

So when I started using cannabis products, I knew it was something I was going to have to hide. The thing is marijuana has a lot of benefits, as well as the reason why I vape a lot of the time is because it helps me calm down! Occasionally I get so overwhelmed by our surrounding environment I shut down, however when I vape though, it goes away as well as I am able to take a deep breath as well as just relax for once… But I assume how our parents are, as well as since they would never accept me using it, even if I had medical uses for cannabis, I have to hide this from them. I should mention that marijuana is not illegal in our state, so it’s not appreciate I am doing anything wrong. I just hope that maybe as medical marijuana products become more popular, maybe they will accept the fact that I use vape products, however until then I will have to keep pretending appreciate I look down on everyone who smokes as well.

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