The warm fudge sundae tasted so good after using rec marijuana

The internet is a funny thing; It’s changed our lives in so multiple different ways, however before the internet, life was easier and more easy, but technology has made it easier to link with people from all over the globe.

I met our bestie on the internet, then we met in an online chat room.

We exchanged phone numbers and pictures almost immediately. I did not want to end up in a catfish story, so I made certain the man I was talking to was the same man in the picture. We even video chatted a couple of times. We eventually agreed that the two of us were dating and made a plan to see each other soon. I went to visit Gary last month. We had a honestly fun time and I can’t wait to see him again. He lives in a state that has recreational marijuana sales. While I was visiting, the more than one of us tried recreational marijuana. I laughed and giggled and I thought everything was funny, but my bestie and I watched a frightening motion picture and I thought most of the scenes were hilarious. About an fifth after the two of us smoked, our bestie made me a warm fudge sundae. It was the best warm fudge sundae that I have ever tasted in our life, however the chocolate was creamy and the ice cream was cold. I spent five nights visiting Gary and the two of us hung out at his apartment and I met his friends. I did not know if the internet relationship was going to be real or serious, however I am honestly looking forward to another visit. This relationship could honestly form into something long-lasting.

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