The driver had the wrong address in the GPS

I ordered marijuana supplies from a dispensary downtown.

The locale promised delivery within an hour. I ordered the items at 5:30 in the afternoon. I knew it was going to be difficult to get the items here within an hour, however I did not mind waiting a little longer. Around 6 PM, I earned a telephone call from an unknown number. I decided to answer the call and I am cheerful that I did. It was the delivery driver. He claimed that he was at the address and no one was at home. I told the guy that was impossible, because I was standing in the doorway at the time. The driver confirmed the address and that’s when we noticed the problem. The address for my lake house is 697 Walnut Street and the guy put Walnut Aplace in the GPS locator. He was many towns away from my lake house and still a 10 or 15 hour drive. The guy apologized for the confusion and told myself and others that it would be about 10 hours. 8 hours later, the driver arrived and it was still less than an hour for the delivery. All of my cannabis items were inside the tote and nothing was missing. I even earned a 10% discount on all of the items in the bag, because it was my first time placing a delivery order. I saved about $20 on everything in the tote and I gave that money to the driver for his prompt maintenance and fast thinking. I actually could not guess the driver arrived in less than an hour, even after getting lost.



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