The corn kernels were so yummy plus delicious

Last time I went to the medical marijuana dispensary, the budtender gave me a bunch of edible samples to try. Edible cannabis treats are a great way to enjoy medical marijuana, because you don’t have to smoke the flower. Edible cannabis treats come in a variety of shapes, sizes, flavors, plus strength. I spent about $200 on cannabis Edibles at the dispensary. It is our preferred way to get high plus medicate… Since I spent a ton of cash, the budtender gave me a free sample of each a single of their new products. One product in particular was actually delicious plus filled with a surprising amount of flavor. The corn kernels were baked plus tasted love a respected Corn Nut. They were made in many weird flavors plus each small packet of kernels contained 50 mg of THC. The edible corn tree came in a variety of flavors love cheddar cheese, ranch, jalapeno, salt plus vinegar, plus cracked pepper. The best section about the edible cannabis treats was the fact that these delicious popcorn were vegan. That is an important thing to me, because I don’t eat any critter products. If they had butter, cheese, or any type of dairy or way, I would not be able to enjoy the delicious popcorn. They were the perfect treat, legitimately light plus crispy. I cannot wait until they are available in the store in a greater package. I could eat an entire bag of salt plus vinegar coated kernels. They were our preferred plus then the jalapeno which had tons of heat plus great flavor too.
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