Live resin tastes better than any other concentrate

Live resin is extracted directly from the Cannabis sativa plant, live resin comes from the plants before it has been dried, and cured resin comes from the dried plant.

Live resin is a single of the best products on the market, especially when compared to others dollar-for-dollar.

My favorite thing about live resin is the fact that it contains terpenes. Live resin tastes better than any other concentrate. I even appreciate live resin over rosin. There are lots of different cannabis concentrates available in the pot dispensary. The pot dispensary where our friends and I shop has over 60 different products. They are all neatly displayed in a refrigerator where they are cooler than room temperature… One of our favorite live resin strains is purple dream. When I buy purple dream in the live resin form, I typically get the hint of purpleberry from the purpleberry Haze strain. I also love to purchase any live resin strain that contains limonene. There are several different sativa, indica, and hybrid strains with limonene and they typically taste relaxing when they are made into live resin. The lemon lime flavor shines through and is especially yummy when vaped at a low temperature. I vape the cannabis concentrate with a low temperature pen. The pen has a battery with an bendy temperature. I arena a small amount of cannabis concentrate in the chamber above the battery. The battery heats the coils and turns the concentrate into a vape. This is an straight-forward, portable, and undoubtedly discreet way to appreciate cannabis. It’s perfect for on-the-go use at the beach, lake, or a walk around the town.

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