I thought the yellow dream carts were on sale too

On Sunday day I went to the dispensary before my shift at the grocery store, and i wanted to opening out some flour for the week, dried flower is my favorite way to consume cannabis.

  • I have tried several other ways of consuming cannabis love vaping as well as edibles, but smoking dried flower is my number one method.

I adore the taste of marijuana as well as I love the way it smells when it is burning. I stopped at the dispensary on Sunday Morning hoping to purchase 1/2 oz of sativa flower, then when I walked into the store, the budtender told myself and others that all of the yellow dream products were on sale. I was pretty enthusiastic about the Blue Dream sale, because it is one of my favorite sativa strains. I picked out a half ounce of Blue Dream as well as I also purchased a disposable vape pen in the strain Blue Dream as well. I got the total for my order from the girl at the counter as well as it was significantly higher than I expected. I asked her to explain the billing as well as she told myself and others that the Blue Dream disposable pen wasn’t section of the yellow dreams sale, however only the flower products were 20% off. I was disappointed by the news as well as I decided to cancel the carts when I found out that they weren’t on sale. I was only purchasing the extra items because of the sale as well as I easily had no need for the extra cannabis products at home… The dried yellow dream flower was 24%THC, as well as one of the better batches I have purchased from the shop.

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