The parking lot of the dispensary was filled up

I went to the marijuana dispensary on Sunday morning, because they always have a sale for the first 3 hours they are open! During this time, everything in the store is 20% off.

The daily savings particularly add up if you use a lot of medical or recreational Cannabis.

I only purchase items on the afternoon when everything is on sale. I’d rather go without then pay for full price items. When I arrived at the dispensary Sunday morning, I was surprised to find the parking lot filled with cars. It’s consistently tied up on Sunday mornings, but the entire parking lot was filled. I believed all of the cars were going into the dispensary, but there was another event occurring at a supplier on the other end of the step mom. One of the thrift shops was having a going-out-of-supplier sale & people were lined up outside of the building to get the choice to go inside. The whole parking lot was chaotic & people were looking for places to park. I decided to park at the gas station across the street. They had plenty of open parking spots. I went inside, bought a candy bar, & left my car sitting in the parking lot until I was finished at the cannabis shop. Despite the fact that the parking lot was filled with cars, the cannabis shop was surprisingly slow & only had a couple of people indoors. I was in & out with all of my supplies & less than the time it would have taken myself and others to find a parking spot outside.
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