The new guy is really arrogant and pushy

My boss recently hired a new guy to work at the cannabis shop.

I dislike him much at all.

I suppose the new guy is really arrogant and pushy. I do not care about his attitude. a patron came to the store several mornings ago and the new guy got into an argument with the patient, and he was there to purchase medical marijuana supplies and the new budtender was being rude and unhelpful. When the budtender stepped away from the desk to grab the items, the patron made a complaint about his patron repair skills. I told the director about the complaint and she told me that she would handle it. The next morning, the guy was still acting care about a jerk. I decided to talk to the director again. I waited until the guy went to lunch and then I went to the director’s office. The door was ajar, so I opened it up to walk inside. That’s when I saw her making out with the new guy, she looked honestly surprised to see me, and she offered some lies as an explanation for what was happening. I’m not six, so I knew they were making out. She can say he tripped or had something in his eye, but I guess the truth now. Of course she is not going to fire that guy or provide him a written warning, because they are clearly sleeping together. It is really against the rules to date anyone at work and I bet they were dating before she hired him to work in the store. It’s no wonder she does not care about his arrogance and attitude.

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