The delivery guy came to our work address

My fiance and I both use medical marijuana, however both of us do not share that with all of our friends and family, but all of us certainly do not tell people at work, because a lot of folks have different opinions on medical and recreational marijuana, it helps with our anxiety and it helps our fiance with postpartum depression, he had a baby 2 weeks ago and he is having a hard time with the emotional effects.

  • I was at work on Thursday and he called with a special request.

She asked me to order some medical cannabis supplies from the dispensary and have them delivered to the house. I was cheerful to help, because I knew our fiance had his hands full at home. I went online to our favorite dispensary and I sited the order. I only bought a couple of things to make our fiance feel more comfortable and relaxed that day. About 30 minutes after I sited the order, someone at the front desk of the office said I had a delivery. I did not guess for a minute that it would be the dispensary. I walked to the lobby and I saw the guy with the small brown bin in his hand, but he wasn’t wearing any clothing with the name of the dispensary, so there was no way anyone would have known that he was delivering medical marijuana. I politely told the guy that he came to the wrong address, however he could not take the items back to the store. My awful fiance was stuck at condo and I had the pot at the office.

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