The 420 specials were actually good deals

Everybody goes nuts in the month of April, because the 420 Specials are a good time to save currency on cannabis products.

All of the dispensaries have major sales on April 20th.

This is the holiday known to stoners as 420. There are numerous strange stories about how plus why the holiday came to be, but I don’t assume which one is actually true. I do assume that the best time to get products from the dispensary is when they have a sale. The greatest sale of the year is truly during 420, last year our friends plus I went to one of the greatest dispensaries in town. On the afternoon of 420, they offered a large bin tote with the name of the dispensary on the front. The tote was rumored to have more than $200 worth of cannabis merchandise in the bag. If they actually gave away a prize package worth that much currency, I wanted our wifey plus I to be the recipients of the prize. The people I was with and I were waiting in line at the dispensary when they opened up at 8 AM. The people I was with and I were not the only people in line waiting for the special. The entire sidewalk was filled from one end of the block to the other. The news of the free giveaway plus sale price has traveled far plus fast. It’s a good thing that our wifey plus I went there early instead of waiting until 10 am. That’s when our wifey wanted to get up plus go downtown, and she thought both of us were going to stand in line alone if both of us chose to go down there too early.


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