It’s easy to accidentally eat too many cannabis candy products

I hate that I am so addicted to eating candy.

It really started when our Grandfatherrents would provide myself and others Snicker’s bars whenever our parents left myself and others at their new home for the day.

Now I have such a serious problem with candy that I’m having to brush our teeth more than a normal person to keep our oral hygiene in check. But beyond our teeth, these candies are simply empty calories. I absolutely need to lose a few pounds, but eating all of this candy every week is preventing that from happening. I might go for a bike ride as well as burn off calories only to get them back later in the night with our mindless snacking. With this in mind, I have tried to avoid any delicious tasting marijuana edibles out of fear that I won’t be able to control myself once I taste them. I was particularly sad about this happening if I ever started buying cannabis candy products care about THC as well as CBD gummies. My worry was eating a single piece of candy as well as then going through an entire package of cannabis candies before realizing our mistake. If you have gummies with 10mg of THC inside as well as you eat over 10, that’s a massive dose of THC! People with insane tolerances for cannabis might be able to handle that, but over 40mg of THC is already too much for me. I’m going to stick with smoking as well as vaping cannabis to avoid this problem altogether, as well as because cannabis flower products are cheaper in our state than most cannabis edibles. In terms of how much THC you get in a package of flower buds, there’s just no comparison. Using cannabis flower products is not only better because they’re full spectrum, but because they’re more economical as well.



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