I appreciate delivery driving as a job everyday

When I first moved to the area, I got a job laboring at the grocery store.

I was stalking shelves at night earning minimum wage.

I had to find a job suddenly plus the grocery store needed someone that could start immediately. It worked out perfectly. After I lived in the area for a while, I started to guess about switching jobs. One job in recognizable particularly interested me. I thought it might be fun to labor in a cannabis shop, then cannabis is legal in this state. It’s a single of the reasons why I appreciate being a resident. I signed up on a job finding website plus a single of the first jobs that came up was a delivery driver position at a cannabis dispensary in the same neighborhood where I live. I was honestly interested in the Cannabis delivery job so I freshened up my resume plus applied for the job. I acquired a telephone call about 2 hours later. I was surprised by the quick call plus the manager wanted myself and others to come the same day for an interview. I spoke with the manager at the cannabis dispensary for about 30 minutes. The woman wanted to guess about my personality plus my background. Cannabis delivery drivers cannot have any criminal records plus they also need a clean driving record. I was lucky to have both. The manager decided to try myself and others out. I started on the next Thursday plus I did great. I delivered the 7 orders that night, plus the woman that delivered the most amount of cannabis orders delivered nine. The tips are good plus I appreciate the job.
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