The dispatch operator sent myself and others to the wrong address

I worked for a cannabis dispensary for a long time plus after that I was provided a job laboring for a large cannabis delivery service, but instead of laboring for a single dispensary, I option up orders from lots of strange sites plus deliver them across the city.

The service is mainly for medical cannabis patients, however recreational patients can use the service as well, but last Sunday was a unquestionably tied up day at work.

I had a lot of orders to deliver plus it was raining. I don’t care for when it rains, because people drive the roads with too much caution. I try to drive a little slower plus be a little more alert, although I don’t slow down to 25 miles an hour causing traffic to stop… My first order in the day was on the other side of the bridge. It wasn’t raining when I left the cannabis dispensary, however it was raining when I delivered the first order. The hour order was supposed to go to another address just a few miles away from the first address. I knocked on the door many times, no 1 answered, so I decided to call the telephone number on the sale sheet. The customer answered plus I told him that I was outside with his cannabis delivery, however he told myself and others to knock on the door plus I did. The guy on the iphone said that no 1 was on his front doorstep. He asked myself and others to double-check the address plus I realized that the medical plus recreational cannabis delivery service dispatch operator sent myself and others to the wrong house.
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