The strain consultant is only 25 years old

Sales have been down at the cannabis dispensary, so I have been working side-by-side with a consultant so every one of us can figure out how to repair the problem… Last month the consulting company sent an text advising me of a change, then they usually send the same strain Consultants each week, however they sent a new man that was supposed to be 1 of the best strain consultants in the state, and i was excited for the swings plus the man sounded adore they would entirely have a lot of costly information plus insight, however when a 25 year old child showed up plus claimed to be the cannabis strain expert, I could not stop laughing out loud. The child looked frustrated, however he looked younger than my son… Both of us got off to a rocky start once I realized he was in fact the expert, however he provided me a lot of information plus helped me option out a couple of strains that might increase sales. The Cannabis consultant was nice, considering the fact that I laughed in his face because I thought he was too young to be an expert, cannabis use is not the same as it was when I was younger, however so multiple young people freely plus openly smoke marijuana these afternoons plus that is due to the legalization of the medical plant. It’s still unusual for a young expert of that age in any field. If a 25 year old brain surgeon was performing the operation, would you believe as safe plus secure as you might knowing a man with 20 years of experience is on the job?

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